“In Touch” Newsletters

I send out newsletters more or less quarterly. Most start with a beautiful banner photo, followed by a short original essay, and then by links to new YouTube videos or podcasts, book reviews, and announcements about upcoming events. There’s a wealth of interesting material here, if you feel like exploring. I’ve catalogued the most interesting elements below.


Essay: “Adya’s Dharma Transmission Ceremony.” In mid-August, when I visited Adyashanti and Mukti at their home in the mountains above Carson City, Nevada, Adya invited me to receive Dharma transmission.

Essay: “Where is “here”? I invite you to sit with this question without going to your mind for an answer.”
Video: Empty Bell Presentation – “This unusually small gathering turned out to be quite a lively conversation with topics that I don’t ordinarily address.”


Essay: “Amidst the Shimmering Aspens”; “Pilot episode for series on “Awakening”; “The Sense of Inner Knowing”
Video: “Join me for a short stroll through the High Sierra Aspens!”

Essay: “Grace Notes”
Videos: “Keynote Address for Self as Presence Online Conference”; “Talk to the Study Society of London (Colet House)”


Essay: “The Tree of Life”
Podcast interview: “Awareness Explorers”
Book Review: 
Opening Yourself  by Ken Bradford

Essay “Anchoring in Silence: Ground Zero”; Documentary Film Crew; “Zero Circle” by Rumi; Video recordings from “Finding our Deepest Ground” 2021 Open Circle online event
Podcast interview: 
“Archeologist of the Heart” by awakin.org
Book reviews:
The Direct Way by Adyashanti; A Blade of Grass by Henry Shukman

Essay: “Telling Ourselves Lies and Truth”; Future of Life podcast
Book Reviews: Zenworld: A Perilous Journey of Adventure and Awakening by Kaisa Puhakka; Falling Open in a World Falling Apart by Amoda Maa


Essay: “Notice has been Served”
YouTube Videos: “The Ground and the Heart” from Open Circle day-long retreat in May
Video: “Climate Change and Social Justice” with Dr. John Mihalik

Essay: “Virus as Pointer”
Audiobook version of The Deep Heart link
Book review: Neurodharma by Rick Hanson

Video: “The Centrality of the Heart in Being Human” from SAND conference 2018
Podcast: “Insights at the Edge” by Tami Simon with John
Video: Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview #2 by Rick Archer
Video: “Bliss and Grit” interview #2 with Brooke Thomas and Vanessa Stone
Podcast: Interview with Michael Stone
Ralston White retreat photo 2020


Essay: free excerpt from The Deep Heart
Ralston White retreat photo 2019
Book review: The Recognition of Our Own Heart by Joan Ruvinsky

Essay: “The Inner Pilgrimage”
YouTube videos of Jean Klein from 1987
Book review: The Way of Effortless Mindfulness by Loch Kelly; Love on Every Breath by Lama Palden

Essay: “The Centrality of the Heart”
Photo from Greenwich, Conn. retreat


Essay: “Coming Home”
Book reviews: The Blind Spot Effect by Kelly Boys; Awakened Relating by Lynn Marie Lumiere

Essay: “Random Acts of Gratitude”
Photo: Ralston White Retreat 2018