In its simplest form, effective psychotherapy helps people to be in touch with themselves, to be more intimate with their experience and with the ground of their experience, which is open awareness. Most people’s attention is lost in their thoughts – especially self-limiting beliefs – and with the reactive feelings that these thoughts induce; they don’t know how they really feel or what their bodies really sense. They don’t know who they really are.

My approach to psychotherapy is presence-centered and body-based. As we learn to relax into the timeless now and be with our body/mind just as it is, an inner wisdom and direction unfolds. We all have an innate sense of the truth, an inner knowing that arises out of a willingness to relinquish the illusion of control and to rest in not-knowing.

Our psychological issues, such as anxiety, depression, disconnection, poor self esteem and trauma, are potential portals for contacting what is most real within our self. Everything within us is waiting to be liberated by the touch of affectionate attention and clear understanding.

I mainly work with adult individuals and couples and can be reached at (415) 453-8832 for appointments.